Mediation Prep for Wendy Campbell, MFT"You can bring everything you're fearful about and we will talk it through."

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." --Abraham Lincoln

I sometimes think I've seen it all in terms of stressful situations, but I believe that Child Custody Mediation (officially known as Child Custody recommending Counseling "CCRC"), has to be one of the most nerve-racking experiences for parents going through divorce. I understand that the stakes are incredibly high because it's your children and their well-being that's on the table. But, as with anything, the more we know about something and can prepare for it, the less scary it is.

There are issues to express, concerns to identify and goals to articulate. I know first-hand as a mediator, the parent who has done their homework and comes into mediation with the right attitude is going to have a less taxing experience and gain more of what they hope for. Not all of what they want, but more than if that parent had not prepared well.

What most parents do not know is they can get help preparing for child custody mediation from a mental health professional like myself. Generally, it only takes a couple sessions, depending on the situation. Note: you cannot do this preparation through your appointed mediator that would be a conflict of interest.

You can expect a safe place to work out your concerns and talk about realistic options.


Before your first appointment, download, print and read, filing out when required: