Mediation for Wendy Campbell, MFT

"Your kids need you to establish whatever parenting agreements necessary so that they are able to experience tension-free transitions."

"A good agreement is clear and removes ambiguity, thus lessening the opportunities for disagreements or misunderstandings."

My primary role as a mediator is to facilitate a safe and constructive environment so that parents can reach agreements with regard to custody, transitions, vacation, and holiday schedules. We will also co-create a list of parenting guidelines, known as “Standards of Conduct” to better equip the two households in their co-parenting efforts. The ultimate goal of the parenting guidelines is to increase each parent’s confidence as to the level of parenting that is taking place while the child is away from them.

I am also available to prepare individuals for mediation with an alternate mediator. My goal in preparing someone for mediation is to help organize their thoughts and goals, while reducing their anxiety as they approach mediation.

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