Co-Parenting Counseling"There are times when the challenges facing parents hinders their ability to positively work together in their efforts to raise their children.”

It’s not about who’s a better parent; it’s about working together for the sake of your child’s healthy development and happiness—they will thank you later for what you are about to do now.

There’s a vital and necessary shift divorcing parents must make to move beyond their conflicts and get to a place where the relationship enters a “business relationship” mode devoid of emotional reactivity and upset. Most parents know this but struggle to find a way to make the shift. I provide parents with a guidebook and tools to become effective co-parents while comprehending the personalities and the individual dynamics because there’s no single “map” that works for everyone.

I’ve also been trained and certified as a Shared Parenting Support Program (SPSP) counselor. SPSP is a recognized, highly structured program that equips parents with a specific communication methodology and format proven to accelerate co-parenting cooperation.


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resources_btnFor those clients with insurance, an insurance billing will be filled out at end of each month by me so they may seek direct reimbursement from their provider.